Fleuralia   Today I added another new open edition photo series to my website.

Like the Floral Abstractions series, Fleuralia is a series of close-up photographs of flowers. Unlike the Floral Abstractions series these photographs are less abstract because they show the whole flower rather than just a small detail of it.

Still these photographs reveal the subtle colors, structures and patterns as well as the tender vulnarability of the flowers. By showing more of the flower also the beatiful forms and patterns of the whole are visible.

Personally I feel this set of photographs expresses more feeling and emotion than the more abstract images in the Floral Abstractions series. In creating this series my attention was more directed towards capturing the personality and feeling of the flower while still showing its breathtaking beauty.

You can view all 10 newly added photographs in the new art gallery.


Another new open edition photo series added
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