Floretti   A complete overhaul of the 'my art' section was nessecary to create room for a load of new photographic art and several new photo series.

The section is now split in 4 seperate chapters: mixed media artwork, limited edition photographs, open edition photographs and digital artwork. Each chapter starts with an indexpage that has a (linked) thumbnail for each series. The chapters can be reached through the menu on the my art homepage

The evergrowing Floral Abstractions series was split in 2 parts. A selection of the photographs in this series is transferred to the Floral Abstractions 2 series in the open edition photo chapter. No worries though, any photographs of this series that were previously sold, were sold before the upgrade to limited edition. Thus nobody gets hurt in the process.

Main reason to add several open edition series is to be able to make more of my artwork available for everyone, meaning at more affordable prices. For this same reason another change was made: all limited edition photographs are now available in more (smaller) sizes and also as unframed prints on paper or prints on canvas.

If all is well none of the old links are broken and any bookmarks should still lead to the bookmarked pages.

No new artwork is uploaded yet. This will be done in the next week.

Redesign art galleries
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