A good number of my mixed media artwork and photographs is selected to be part of the Independent Coffee Network content reels in partnership with ArtId:

"ArtId has partnered with Independent Coffee Network (ICN) and Web Beams a Wi-Fi service provider that focuses specifically on the needs of the Specialty Café Industry. ICN will provide the art and music content for the programming. Programming will consist of art images, music and art related videos that will run continuously for the coffee house customers to enjoy instead of just news and sports scores.

The Independent Coffee Network is a first of its kind “Out of Home” Digital Media platform that reaches on-the-go consumers. The ICN presents entertainment-oriented content, and ads on flat screens in Independent Coffee Shops throughout the US. The Indie Coffee Market currently represents 60% of the specialty coffee industry with approximately 17,000 stores. ICN aggregates content that suits a coffee house audience and capitalizes on their desire to be “indie” by giving them their own branded network of original content.

• Art images, film shorts, digital art, trailers, music videos, comedy, daily entertainment scoops, local weather reports, and human-interest stories, make up the morning, afternoon and evening content reels."

My art on ICN TV (USA)
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